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Artichoke Yink Comics

Founded in 1993 by Christopher Wilde, Artichoke Yink Comics is an insane ramshackle affair, a cobbled together, steam-powered robot with spinning, whirling blades poking out from every joint and crease, too dangerous to approach and far to fascinating to run away from despite knowing, deep down, that all one should do is flee. No hope of rescue, it leaves you screaming, screaming.

AYC is an offshoot of Wilde's Artichoke Yink Press. No one is really sure what that name means. Artichokes are cool, sure, but what on earth is a "yink?" Christopher, in his more lucid moments, sometimes admits that it is a reference to the linguistic stylings of George Herriman, so it is, perhaps, a modification of the word "ink." Either that or the whole project was supposed to be known as Artic Hokey Ink Press, and we've all been writing it wrong for many years.

Ah, well.

Here's the URL for the AYP website: